您的密码应是 6 至 12 个字符之间,并且包含的字符和数字的组合。
您的密码应是 6 至 12 个字符之间,并且包含的字符和数字的组合。

Your new password contains invalid characters. Your confirm new password contains invalid characters » 您的新密码包含无效字符。 你确认新密码包含无效字符

The User recognises that all of the rights associated with the Multimedia Product and its components (in particular the titles, computer codes, themes, characters, character names, plots, stories, dialogues, places, concepts, images, photographs, animation, videos, music and text contained in the Multimedia Product), a » 用户承认的一切权利与多媒体产品关联和 (在特别多媒体产品中所载的标题、 计算机代码、 主题、 字符、 字符名称、 情节、 故事、 对话、 地方、 概念、 图像、 照片、 动画、 翻译公司、 音乐和文本),其组件,以及有关的商标、 专利、 版权、 权利是育碧的财产,受法国的规则或其他法律条约与知识产权有关的国际协定。

The folder name cannot include any of the following characters » 文件夹名称不能包含任何以下字符

Is your character a YG Ent. artist? » 是你的性格 YG 耳鼻喉。翻译公司家吗?

When you receive your sign in information,follow the directions in the email to reset your password » 当您收到你签署的信息、后续行动的方向的电邮至重置您的密码

invalid nickname or password » 无效的昵称或密码

6-Digit Security PIN » 6 位安全销

Retype password » 重新输入密码


ZNXFWDXWZJDK » znxfwdxwzjdk

因特网上瘾类似于毒品或酒精上瘾 » Internet addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction

believe me i can fly i'm singing in the ske » 我相信我能飞,我唱歌的地方

你能拼写的名字吗? » You will be able to spelling of the names?

a bank clerk » A银行秘书

杰姆明天将在户外举办生日聚会 » Jim held tomorrow in the outdoor birthday party

兜兜儿 » Doul

我们的点点滴滴 » We elicit

Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications If th error still occurs.please contact your vendor.Canopus » 请确保您已经完成前面的任何设置并关闭其他应用程序如果 th 错误仍然 occurs.please 与供应商联系。老人星

whill » whill

杭州也是很现代的城市,像杭州大厦这样商业圈 » Hangzhou is also a very modern city, such as business circles of Hangzhou Tower

Thank you for downloading Prophesy of Pendor 3.411.zipYour download will begin in a few seconds. » 感谢您下载预言的 Pendor 3.411.zipYour 下载将开始在几秒钟。

在线留言 » Online message

Nicotine temptation. » 尼古丁诱惑。

我没有钱 不要看着我 » I don't have money don't look at me

几年前中国加入世贸组织 » A few years ago, China's accession to WTO

to experoence something » experoence东西

据说比尔因一再违反公司的安全违章而被解雇 » Bill Gates is said to have due to repeated violation of the company's safety was the dismissal notices

  我习惯了你的习惯 狂欢后的孤单 » I am used to your habits alone after carnival

你喜欢哪种运动? » What kind of sports do you like?

关于返乡农民工调查的寒假社会实践 » 正在翻译,请等待...

hide slider label » 隐藏滑块标签

第二天他跟TONY玩游戏 » The next day he told TONY to play games

给整个国家带来困难 » Bring to the country as a whole difficult

rapiddy » rapiddy

with competitions ober places so fierce,he's hardly getting a look in. » 奥伯名额,激烈的比赛,他的很难获得一看的。

most of us are unaware of the importance of space in communication until we are confronted with someone. » 直到我们面临着一个人,我们大多数人并不知道空间通信中的重要性。

When you're making your way up, your friends know who you are; when you fall, you eventually know who your friends are » When you're making your way up, your friends know who you are; when you fall, you eventually know who your friends are

Each day the paint can is father away from me » 油漆可以每一天都离我而去的父亲

私はあなたを愛していますが、脱税。あなたは私がすべて手遅れになることを選択したとき。 » 正在翻译,请等待...

将成为历史 » Will be a thing of the past

甚至,无论你来自何方,使用何种语言,每一份真诚的笑容是没有国界的。 » Even, no matter where you come from, what language to use, every sincere smile no borders.

Cassia » 卡西亚

what did u wanna say just now? » 什么是U Wanna刚才说了什么?

happy every day whith my love » 每天快乐起来玩玩我的爱

I eat soon » 我很快就吃

三次机会后你就被出局了 » After three chances you will be out of

Vista and WinServer 2008 Driver » 展望和WinServer 2008驾驶员

It was their enthusiasm that made me want to work as hard as possible » 这是他们的热情,我要努力工作尽可能

sacrifices » 牺牲

Ce'st la vie » Ce'st la vie

时尚坏女孩 » Fashion bad girl

Zoo officials say they are concerned about animals and it is acceptable to keep animals bored » 正在翻译,请等待...

要是你早来几分钟的话,你就能见到他了 » If you had minutes earlier,, you seen him

rhyme schemes » 平仄

one finger cannot lift a small stone。 » 一只手指不能提起小 stone。


一张...的照片 » A photo of the ...

what processing is done at your premises » 什么是处理在做你的处所

communica » 日日

妹妹是我最好的老婆。最亲密的,永远不会改变! » My sister is my best wife. The most intimate, never change!

电瓶自行车 » 电瓶自行车

that i can't give a speech this evening » 今天晚上,我不能发表演讲

nation , local way of pronouncing words » 国家,地方的方式发音字

conducting a careful analysis of TVET institutional capacity and evaluation of proposed TVET interventions; » 进行仔细分析技术和职业教育与培训机构的能力和评价拟议的职业教育与培训干预;

such substance when contained in any substance, preparation or product specified in the second column of Part I corresponding to that substance; » 该等物质在载于任何物质、准备或产品部第2栏指明的该物质对我相应;

of course. There's a recipe in that cookbook. Read it to me, ok? » 答案是肯定的。在这本食谱有食谱。好的阅读对我来说,它吗?

Well the basic stuff is that Jesus is the son of God » 那么基本的东西是,耶稣是上帝的儿子

今天是我的好朋友爱丽丝的生日,我想送她礼物,爸爸,妈妈,哥哥和我的意见不同,最后我还是决定送她一个闹钟 » Today is my best friend Alice's birthday, I would like to send her gifts, father, mother, brother and I have different opinions, and finally I decided to send her an alarm clock

At least 1 number OR special character » 至少 1 个数字或特殊字符

The man with black,round glasses is my uncle . » 黑色,圆圆的眼镜的人是我的叔叔。