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excel or word file » Excel或Word文件

无法打开文件"E:World of WarcraftDataenCN.tempexpansion2-speech-enCN.MPQ.temp"。 (OpenRepackTarget::Execute) » [object Object]

fla文件用什么打开 » fla file to open with what

bad file name or number » 错误的文件名称或编号

可执行的计划 » Executable program

Oracle does not allow messages with executable message attachments » Oracle不允许可执行的邮件附件的邮件


你的订单我已经收到了,只是付款方式有问题。我们和金先生商量后,把付款方式改变如下:第一次交易,货物离开天津港后45天后付款,以后每次的付款方式都是离开天津港后30天付款。请将订单更改后传给我,谢谢 » I have received your order, just payment in question. We and Mr. King, after discussions, the payment changes are as follows: the first transaction, the goods leave the port of Tianjin payment after 45 days, after payment is to leave each 30 days after the payment of Tianjin Port. Please pass me the

今日泳池 » Today 泳池

我想成为一名优秀教师 » I want to be an excellent teacher

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached. » 超时时间已到。超时时间已过之前,从池中获取连接。这可能是因为所有池的连接正在使用,已达到最大池大小。

真是的我没办法伪造 » Oh I can't fake

why don't you go to an estate agent, then,you're talking face to face? » 为什么你不去地产代理,然后,你面对面说话吗?

爱因斯坦非常聪明 » Einstein is very smart

越是种折磨. » Vietnam is a form of torture.

双眼复视 » Double-eye longer depending

礼拜一就好了 这两天很快就过去了! 你需要什么和我们说,我们会帮你做到! » Monday like two days passed quickly! You need and what we say we will help you to do!

I think you dont remember me because every night you are chatting with a lot of your friends. So thats why you dont remember at all » 我认为你不记得我,因为有很多朋友在聊天的每个夜晚。所以这就是为什么你不记得在所有

dont have google account? » 你不该有谷歌帐户吗?

mobile packet core » 移动包芯

家族成员之间长期互动,彼此了解和特有的关注和宽容,使其成员之间的信任关系较之外来人而言要强烈的多。 » Long-term interaction among family members, concerns and specific to mutual understanding and tolerance, trust relationships between its members than outsiders to be strong.

Your message to gzhr@doyen.com.cn was returned due to the following reason: » Your message to gzhr@doyen.com.cn was returned due to the following reason:

the translators is like a sculptor who tries to recreate the work of a painter » 翻译人员就像一个人试图重新创建工作的一位画家的雕刻家

what is ur cell phone number » 什么是ur手机号码

面食文化 » Pasta culture

my boss have meeting in france » 我的老板有会议在法国

you'll get in for free thru my page but you need to verify that you're an adult » 你会免费穿越我的页面,但是您需要验证您是成年人

酒经杀场,吐露芬芳 » The Tolo Harbor, killing wine fragrance.

当你在中国旅游或做生意时, » When you travel or when doing business in China,

我怀了你的孩子 » I was pregnant with your child

your shield wall now reflects 100% of damage done vto you,but lasts only 10 sec » 你的盾牌墙现在反映了100%的损害vto你,但只持续10秒

对jfp的运用理解了很多, » The use of jfp understand a lot,

我在想你史亚迪 » I think you Shi Yadi

我紧抱着你 » I hold you tight

提高了 » Increased

todaythe fight will be your own! » todaythe 的斗争将是你自己 !

pussylicking » pussylicking

exclusive travel retail » 独家旅游零售

Do you see any chance » 你见任何机会

This Specification covers the general requirements of design, manufacture, testing, and supply of single phase whole current kilo watt-hour meters. » 本规格涵盖一般的要求设计、制造、试验、和供应的整个目前单一阶段基洛瓦米。

ok sounds like a good idea. tomorrow i have no plans yet. but maybe i will go to Dublin city center and shop or maybe go do something outside. i get very restless if the weather is bad and i have to sit at home all the time. weekends i try to go out as much as i can. sometimes go fishing or go walking in the mountains » 确定声音是一个好主意。明天我还没有计划。但也许我会去都柏林市中心店或者去做些事外。我得到非常焦躁不安,如果天气不好,我要坐在家里所有的时间。周末我试着去尽我所能。有时去钓鱼或在山上走了几个小时

childwood » childwood

都有一个原因 » There is a reason

6970 Aragon Circle,Ste.4 » 6970 阿拉贡 Circle,Ste.4

蓉儿小姐 » Ronger Miss

and small Division value » 和小分度值

OWNER'SMANUAL Air-cooled diesel engine generator set » OWNER'SMANUAL 风冷的柴油机发电机组


Compliance with Laws and Regulations » 遵守法律和法规

我的英语听力有了一定的进步 » 正在翻译,请等待...

现在时代的中学生很容易受到网络中不良信息的影响。 » Now middle school students in the era of very vulnerable to the adverse effect of information network.

freyja » 爱神

摩尔女 » Moore Women

on neither bank » 既不银行

江门市鹤华中学 » Jiangmen crane Wah secondary school

不再想记得 » You no longer want to remember

也许,我真的该走了 » Perhaps, I really have to go

那就等她回来我去看你吧 » I then waited for her to see you right back

natinoal day » natinoal一天

飞机出租车火车 » Plane train taxi

亲爱的老师:您辛苦了,谢谢您! » dear teacher: You work hard, thank you!

给我一杯茶好吗 » Please give me a cup of tea